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The Golden Retriever breed’s story began in the 1800’s in Great  Britain with Lord Tweedmouth. Since then, fanciers dedicated themselves to perfecting the breed into what we enjoy today. This perfection is based now on standards and dogs are judged against these requirements in shows. Breeders want dogs who are successful in these areas, as proof that their dogs are of type. Golden Retrievers are a breed successfully competed in Obedience, Conformation, Agility, and Hunting/Field trials. As you can see from the picture above, Golden Retrievers range in looks. 


There are two variations in the breed, the performance type and the show/conformation type. The performance type Golden is higher drive, has drive and a smaller body-type, and has less coat and sometimes red in color. The conformation Golden is more laid back, has heavier boning, have full coats where 1) in the States and Mexico it must be a shade of Gold , 2) everywhere else in the World the coat can range from white to Gold, 3) world-wide- Red Goldens get the boot. So, depending on where you are, and the standards set before you, we see different traits in various lines of pure-bred Golden Retrievers through selective breeding Globally.


What is an American Golden Retriever? The Golden Retriever Club of America dictates the Standards which is regulated by the American Kennel Club. Here is a link to their page:

These standards are how Golden Retrievers are judged in the show ring in the States. Golden Retrievers have many skills and are successful in other dog events where they are judged based on how they execute the tasks asked of them. The GRCA is a great resource for information on the breed and the health tests we do with OFA. Please go to the club website for great information about the breed. also has information on the health screens we do. 


What is a English, British, Cream, European, White Golden Retriever? How confusing it must be to go by many names in reference to the same idea. This type of Goldens is usually referred by British type of English type basically because that is how people started communicating about them. These dogs are held to standards set forth by their region like the British Breed Standard or Canadian Breed Standard. Noticeably lighter variations in color are acceptable, and there are some differences in boning based on what is being selected for in breeding programs. This is the same breed, they all came from the same lines intentionally- Golden Retriever. 


In my opinion, any true lover of the breed does not let color get in the way of seeing something great. In showing dogs, the most important aspect is the way the dog is built. If you have a nicely made dog, that dog should move with grace and efficiency. Never judge a dog by its color. We do not discriminate here. We just see each dog and it's talents and try to allow them to shine as individuals. A truly beautifully built dog is appreciated anywhere. Golden Retrievers with their typical character is also something to be treasured and selected for. Biasses arise, but when it all comes down to it- the structure, intelligence, and temperament based on the dog’s genetics is what counts. This foundation will also determine much of the health of the dog as well. Our major goal is to be a “Golden Retriever Melting Pot,” selecting for the best in what we see in hopes of contributing something to the breed. We love our dogs, the opportunity to do many things we love with them, and while receiving enjoyment by sharing this joy with others who appreciate it.


If you are considering if a Golden Retriever is for you please read on....


You think you want to go with the Gold? Golden Retrievers make great companions and friends for life, but not without requiring a level for care and responsibility. Golden Retrievers are bred to be with people and crave that companionship. It is unfair for them to be without this need in their life. Even if you gave your dog the best care in the World, but neglected to willingly to give your Golden Retriever the love and care they deserve you will not have a happy dog. We want both the owners and the dogs to be blissfully happy together so there are some things you should consider.


  1. Have you met a Golden Retriever before? Do you think their characteristics and temperament fit your lifestyle?

  2. Are you ready to commit to this dog and its needs for the next 10-15 years?

  3. Are you willing to accept the trials of puppy hood, and invest a considerable amount of time, money and patience in growing up your dream dog?

  4. Goldens require proper amounts of exercise. Are you able to provide the space and willing to walk your dog if necessary to achieve this?

  5. Goldens are what they eat, and you have control over this. Quality dog food is more expensive, but worth it in the long run.

  6. Any dog requires proper vet care, are you able to give this?

  7. Goldens LOVE water and LOVE retrieving. They are bred for this. If you have a pool they will think it was put their just for them. If you go to the lake, they will love you forever. Goldens first were hunting dogs, so they want to retrieve and put things in their mouth. They love caring around their toys and anything else that they can pick up and claim as their own.

  8. Are you willing to read books or attend classes to train your puppy?

  9. Do you want a watchdog? If yes, don’t get a Golden.

  10. Will you ask your breeder if you need anything?

  11. Are you willing to brush some beautiful dog hair and keep a lint roller available?

  12. If you are not able to be with your dog during the day, are you willing to teach your dog how to spend these hours alone or take your dog to a daycare? What type of training are you planning on doing with your dog? A puppy needs to be socialized both with people and other dogs.

  13. Field Golden or Show Golden? What suits your goals and needs in a dog?

  14. What position will this dog hold in your life? Golden Retrievers basically consider themselves to be shorter, 4-legged Humans. 

  15. You will be this dog’s Universe. Are you up for that position?

You have a goal in mind for this puppy. You must ask your breeder the goals of a particular cross and make sure that cross matches what you are needing. This is a huge decision and a very large part of your life you will be sharing together. 

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