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The Future

We cannot express the thankfulness and gratitude towards those breeders  who have shared their lines with us. Because of you, we are able to rise and hopefully achieve our goals here. When you raise a puppy and pass that little life in the hands of someone else, it requires a huge amount of trust and faith in that person. This goes any puppy- pet or show. These lives have the power to influence so many people and what an amazing job that it. They deserve everything possible we can give them back in return. We stay extremely busy here, but every moment is worth it.


Jamaca Cake by the Ocean

Twinkie is proving that it is what is inside that counts! He has already become an AKC Champion with very limited showing at 19 months of age. He was 2nd place bred by puppy at the GRCA National in 2022 under judge James Brown. We are very excited to see what this gorgeous boy will be able to do as a special and are grateful to be a part of his journey.

Health screens will be completed when age appropriate


Arkgold Grace N Risk It for the Biscuit

Biscuit is off to a great start! His first show weekend he won a major from the 9-12 month puppy class! What I love about Biscuit other than his love bug personality is his pedigree. He was born from a frozen semen breeding by a great dog of the past named Kruz'r. His daddy was a great mover and Biscuit offers the same balance and correct sidegait. I love his mother also- Peggie also has titles in front of her name and back. The neat thing about his entire pedigree is that is encompasses great dogs, but not a ton of common ones out today. Biscuit loves to swim, retrieve, go on hikes and adventures- but mostly just be around people. He is a very good boy inside and out. We look forward to his promising future.

Health screens will be completed when age appropriate

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