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The Future

We cannot express the thankfulness and gratitude towards those breeders  who have shared their lines with us. Because of you, we are able to rise and hopefully achieve our goals here. When you raise a puppy and pass that little life in the hands of someone else, it requires a huge amount of trust and faith in that person. This goes any puppy- pet or show. These lives have the power to influence so many people and what an amazing job that it. They deserve everything possible we can give them back in return. We stay extremely busy here, but every moment is worth it.


Arkgold Dance the Night Away

Twist is adorable. I love this puppy's parents and I love this puppy. 

Health screens will be completed when age appropriate

Shaymus and Puzzle


Arkgold Grace N Stealing Hearts and Homeplate

Diamond's mother "Boujie" is a one in a million dog. Diamond's dad is a great match for her. She's in a League of her own! Meet our Diamond!

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