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Frequently Asked Puppy Reservation Questions:


We raise Golden Retrievers to title our dogs. We learn and work towards excellence in our Goldens every day. Our dogs are of AKC, and GRCA standards and our European pedigreed dogs are examples of the FCI standard as well. Each pairing we make has a purpose to achieve a goal for our program. The puppies we don’t kept for ourselves are offered to families wanting a healthy, stunning Golden Retriever companion. We plan our litters out a year in advance, and love the friends that become a part of our family along the way. Raising these amazing Goldens is a gift in itself, and our hearts are touched equally by our puppy owners making this opportunity of working with the breed and fancy all the more fun. We have a reservation list for each planned litter we are hoping for.


Puppies are family raised and socialized with other family dogs once age appropriate. Your puppy will have early neurological stimulation, puppy culture imprinting, and we work to build their confidence through activity gyms and noise desensitization. Puppies are kept in clean indoor puppy area to accelerate house breaking, and allowed to play in our yard as well. Their training begins through modeling their mother and basic manners learned through positive reinforcement from constant loving interactions from people. Your puppy will be litter box trained and doggie door trained. We also do group crate training with the littermates and socialization with other dogs and a cat. Your puppy may join you once he or she is 8 weeks old or older. 



3-year warranty covering hereditary health to insure your puppy will be able to be a healthy pet and we are here for lifetime support for your puppy. We take special care through our health clearances to prevent any hereditary defects. 



DO NOT SHIP PUPPIES. You can fly into Little Rock (LIT) airport and carry your puppy back on the plane with you. We can help prepare you and puppy for the trip this way. I will even provide your carry on bag for your puppy. This demonstrates your commitment to your puppy from the beginning. Of course if you are within driving distance that is the most common way to come to our home. Also if you should need to rehome your puppy at any time during it's life, we reserve the first right of refusal and WILL want to take your puppy back.


Pricing 2022:

Please email for current litter placement fees or check our available puppies page. Our pricing is $2800 ($3010 with AR state tax). 

Our puppies are an investment and our pricing is for “pet” goldens. Puppies from our program have gone on to make us proud as service dogs, show dogs, hunting dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs and lifelong devoted companion pets. We have our program to exceed expectations in health and breed quality. Of course our puppies are cute and turn into show-stoppers as adults, but they also then continue on to live a healthy long life. We, as breeders, expect the puppy cost to be just the beginning investment into your pet.

· Puppies come with puppy care package including samples of their food, care information, and other goodies.

· Veterinarian health certificate. Puppies are current on shots and worming. Your puppy will also be microchipped, and we will give you information to register your puppy through AKC.  

Deposit: $500.00 reserves your Golden and guarantees your reservation with us. The deposit is non-refundable. The total placement fee for your puppy is $2800. We also must charge 7.5% AR State tax. The total for a puppy is $3010. To secure your spot you would place the deposit and the remaining $2510.00 is given when you pick up your puppy on your gotcha day. 

Breeding Rights: Puppies are sold with limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter contract. We require fixing your puppy after the major bone growth is finished. We only give full registration for people who will be titling their dog and that is with coownership. We will give your Vet scientific articles stating the importance of waiting until your male puppy is at least 18 months old or female 3 months after her first heat cycle. This is for the health of your puppy. 

Making a Reservation: Contact Marissa by email ( or phone (479-263-7199) and express your interest in owning one our puppies. If there are currently no puppies available you are able to reserve your puppy in the next litter for $500. The order deposits are received determines the order of puppy picks. Once you have contacted us, we will send you our puppy contract which states your responsibilities as owner, our health guarantee, and other basic information for the adoption. Puppies are able to go to their new forever homes once they are 8 weeks old. Remaining payment is due at this time and puppy folder and care package will be given to you.  We require our puppy families to have experience with Golden Retrievers, to share the inside of your home with your puppy, and to spay or neuter later. If you have any question please contact us, and hopefully soon we will be welcoming you into our Golden family!

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